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Our Recommendations for Shipping Your Radio to Us

We cannot over emphasize enough the importence of good packaging. Many of the radios sent to us for restoration are quite valuable, It’s worth the extra money and effort to make sure that your radio arrives in good condition. If an item is damaged in shipping, it may be impossible to put it back into good condition. It could also substantially reduce its value. So please package well.  If you follow these directions, your radio should be very well protected.

Recommended Materials:

        ☛   the item to be shipped

         ☛   two cardboard shipping boxes

         ☛   packaging peanuts, and bubble wrap

         ☛  packaging tape

Packing the Inner Box:

Wrap the item in bubble wrap.  Then

choose a box about the size of the item

wrapped in bubble wrap and put the

bubble wrapped item in the box.   Do not put tape on the bubble wrap. The box, when sealed, should hold the bubble wrap on the item.

Seal the box closed with the packaging tape. 

If this was done correctly, nothing inside the box will be able to move.

Packing the Outer Box:

Choose a second cardboard box that is large enough to

hold the smaller box and enough packaging peanuts to

surround the inner box by at least two inches in

every direction. From the surface of the inner box to the

inside of the outer box there should be AT LEAST two

inches of packing peanuts. For example if your inner box

has the dimensions12" x 12" x 12", then your outer box

should have 16" x 16" x 16"or larger as dimensions.

Larger is better.

Pour about two inches (more if you decided on more space) of packaging peanuts into the larger box.

Put the smaller box on top of the peanuts in the larger box. Make sure that it's centered. 

Fill up the box up with peanuts covering up the smaller box with two inches of packaging peanuts.

You'll know when the box is full by closing it and see if you can apply a small amount of pressure and the top does not give.  It should be on the firm side.  If the top sags from light pressure, more packaging peanuts are necessary.

Please make sure, before sealing, to enclose the Repair Information Form.

Seal the box closed with the packaging tape.


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